Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Lookout post - Senji

This is one of several lookout posts located at various strategic points all over Senji. Most of them have the same character. I found these rock formations fascinating, and the way the man made construction seems to grow out of these rocks is just beautiful.

The one that I have sketched is within the outer walls of Rajagiri, but at the foot of the hill on which the citadel is perched. While my wife and daughter went enthusiastically up the 800 feet climb to the main fort, I found myself a comfortable seat in the shade and completed this graphite sketch.

While I was sketching, I found my thoughts going out to the courageous soldiers who must have manned these lonely outer lookout posts during periods of strife. The citizens and the soldiers in the main fort were relatively safe even during such times, since the main Senji fort, Rajagiri, was considered almost impregnable. But that did not apply to these isolated sentry points.


  1. Hi
    Liked your work. Very nice to see such beautiful sketches!

  2. Thank you Sandeep, I am very encouraged by your comment.

  3. Thank you, workhard....Senji is a fantastic place with so much to see, photograph, draw/paint...whatever.

    The weekend that we spent there was not even enough to see everything.