Saturday, 25 July 2009

Sketching holiday - Senji

My wife, daughter, and I are all very keen art enthusiasts. A few years ago we decied that we would try and take a break once in a while to go on a sketching holiday together. The first of these was to Senji. We drove there on a Friday morning and returned to Chennai on Sunday afternoon. The drive was very pleasant. Senji does not have many hotels, but our stay was reasonably comfortable.

Since Senji has three main segments we decided to spend half a day on each segment, and use Sunday to revisit whatever caught our fancy. However, there was so much to see in and around Senji that we soon realised that one weekend was just not enough.

In any case the holiday was a resounding success. We had all enjoyed ourselves immensely and since then, apart from our periodic sketching holidays together, we have also started sketching outdoors whenever the opportunity presents itself.

My sketch shows my daughter busy sketching near the approach to Krishnagiri. I did this on location as a charcoal sketch, and then did a cleaner version in pen and ink. This is the ink version.

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