Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Pouhon Pierre le Grand, Spa, Belgium

The route for the 2nd Stage of the 2010 Tour de France was from Brussels to Spa, a distance of 201 Km entirely within Belgium. This was the third day of racing, on 5th July 2010, since the first day started with only a 9 km prologue within Rotterdam. The 2nd Stage saw a horrible crash in which many cyclists, including Andy Schleck one of the main contenders and Alessandro Petacchi the winner of the previous stage were injured. Sylvain Chavanel took over the overall lead from Fabian Cancellara.

Spa is famous for its Formula1 race track, the oldest casino in Europe that has been in existence since the 18th century, and of course its hot springs. This is the region that gave the word "spa" to the English language. The mineral laden hot springs of the region were famous even in Roman times for their medicinal and rejuvenating properties.

My rough sketch shows Pouhon Pierre le Grand, built in the 19th century around a hot spring. This particular spa takes its name from the fact that the curative powers of its water was endorsed by Tsar Peter the Great in the early 18th century.


  1. It's hard to imagine Tsar Peter got any better. The water in this specific well tastes horrible. Nice drawing though.

  2. Thank you Rene. Perhaps this one works better when you bathe in it.

  3. Did you know a few years ago I made a sketch on exactly the same spot this view was taken from, but looking the opposite way?
    It's the top one with all the signs, which I found pretty funny to sketch.
    We live worlds apart, and yet at times virtually very close....