Thursday, 17 December 2009

The garden

The entry to our room at the Old Harbour Hotel, at Fort Kochi was through a nice courtyard. The room also opened out on to a lovely garden. What was even nicer, from my point of view, was the fact that one of the windows in the room overlooked this garden, and that there was a writing table placed right up against this window.

It is not often that I get a chance to do a location sketch sitting in the comfort of an air-conditioned room, and I did not let this one pass.

We spent the better part of two days at Fort Kochi using the hotel as our base and exploring on foot both Mattanchery and Fort Kochi. Every time we got back to the hotel my wife would put up her feet for a while, and I would rush to the writing table and add a few more lines to my sketch.

Though done in fits and starts, I was happy that I managed to complete it before checking out of the hotel.


  1. All the texture you've created here is amazing Balaji, awesome, I wouldn't even dare to call it a sketch, it's much more than that! BTW, where is Fort Kochi?

  2. Thank you Teresa.

    Fort Kochi & Mattanchery are parts of Kochi, which was called Cochin when the British ruled India. It reverted to its present name a few years ago.

    Kochi is a harbour city in the South-western state of Kerala, India. Most of the western coast of India is very beautiful, as has been made famous by Kerala's neighbouring state, Goa.

    The last 7 or 8 of my posts have been about Kerala.

  3. Merry Christmas to you too, Wishing you the greatest of times *hugs* :)

  4. Balaji, all your Kerala sketches are brilliant. I wonder if you shouldn't be adding some colour as well, especially when you're doing landscapes. The garden and the backwaters would look even more spectacular in colour.

  5. Thank you Sandeep, Teresa, and ramblerpost.
    Ramblerpost...I agree. Sketches of Kerala, its foliage, and backwaters would look spectacular in colour but, as yet, I do not have the skill to post sketches in colour.

  6. so when do we see the next sketch?

  7. Thank you Rupesh, for the encouraging comments, and 2power7, for the much needed prodding. I have just now posted a new one, my first for 2010.